Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Biblical Angels and Celluloid Fantasies

Perhaps this is an image of actress Naomi Watts testing her Antigravitarian powers:

Or maybe it's just another altered photo of a Hollywood dream girl.

Either way, why doesn't this image shock? Why does it seem almost natural to portrait a beautiful movie star in a supernatural pose?

Because, I think, we've developed a subconscious tendency to replace, to some degree, the angels of our religious traditions with the celluloid fantasies of today. Certainly it's not that much of a stretch between heavenly messengers who visit earth and earthly luminaries who look just heavenly.

See what I mean? The main difference being, of course, that Ms. Watts is here displaying a lot more leg than your traditional presentations of Biblical angels. Which will strike many observers as a pretty good thing.

Of course, not every winged star possesses such visual charms. I don't mean to pick on Tiny Fey, but . . .


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