Monday, January 19, 2009

What Antigravity Is & Is Not

Antigravity is a mystery,
but it is not mysticism.

For unlike the revelations
that are accorded to mystics,
Antigravity can readily be
conveyed in words and images,
all sorts of words and images.

Antigravity is able to continue
one of the world's greatest traditions
because the Word still dwells
among us and lifts us up in spite
of our dismal materialism.

The promise of this blog is that it can raise us into a realm of spirit that we haven't glimpsed in a very long time (perhaps not since childhood), for Antigravity is neither a fantasy nor an illusion.

Its light and hope possess more reality than the earth beneath our feet, and though we may be tempted to believe that magic has escaped from the world, humanity can radiate the supernatural and the beautiful as much now as ever before, and with a little effort on our part we can rise above gravity--even if our efforts are confined to reading the words on this screen and absorbing the lessons of the images presented here.

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