Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Lazarus Effect

It's very fine to speak
triumphantly of Antigravity,
yet the question of death,
(you may want to point out)
still looms like an open grave
at our feet, emitting dank vapors
and muffled shrieks of terror.
No darkness could possibly
be more mystifying, or
more vexatious.

Still, there is consolation
in ten thousand images
that show the power of death,
great as it is, being overcome
by the greater power of life.

So don't be afraid.
Rest in the good hope
that you will escape
the gravity of whatever
confronts you as you lie
on your deathbed.
If my hunch
(which echoes a huge
majority of human opinion)
is correct, then death is the
greatest Antigravitational
phenomenon of all.

"The Death of the Good Old Man" by William Blake

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