Saturday, January 24, 2009

Don't Worry About the Darkness

The very remarkable filmmaker
David Lynch in his book entitled
Catching the Big Fish:
Meditation, Consciousness, & Creativity :

"Negativity is like darkness. So what is darkness? You look at darkness, and you see that it's really nothing: It's the absence of something. You turn on the light, and darkness goes.

"But sunlight, for instance, doesn't get rid of negativity. It gets rid of darkness, but not negativity. So what light can you turn on that removes negativity the way sunlight removes darkness? It's the light of pure consciousness, of the Self--the light of unity.

"Don't fight the darkness. Don't even worry about the darkness. Turn on the light and the darkness goes. Turn up that light of pure consciousness: Negativity goes.

"Now you say, 'That sounds so sweet.' It sounds too sweet. But it's a real thing."

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