Sunday, January 18, 2009

Antigravity Live

Premise One:

There is an illness
that runs riot around the world,
breaking hearts & ravishing lives
as it goes, & that illness is
what we call depression.

Premise Two:

Depression is caused by
what we may term "emotional
gravity," which is the kind
of gravity that this blog
chiefly sets out to disperse
& dispel, so that we may
once again live & breathe
without the weight of the world
sitting crushingly on our shoulders,
so that we may once again
breathe as freely as we were
meant to breathe.

Premise Three:

Darkness is dispelled as
the lights come up & a voice says:

Whatever it is that you deeply believe in,
here is something new to energize your faith,
something new to lift you up above the dread
of your days and unite you with your true self.
Announcing the slow, sweet and continuing
revelation of the mystery that dwells
in the name and reality of Antigravity.

A mystery, then. And that is good,
because mysteries intrigue.
But how do you get the hang of this mystery?

Just one thing, really, is required:
You have to keep coming back,
back here, back to this blog.

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