Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Lift of Love


Cupid is a kind of angel,
though an angel that's more
closely associated with the world
and the flesh than those fully fledged
creatures who descend to us from above.

This little fellow's lower status
is suggested by the stubbiness
of his wings and the fact that
he never seems to stray far
from the affairs of our lower anatomy.

Nevertheless, it would be hard
to exaggerate his importance.
Archangels like Michael and Gabriel
help guide the destiny of us all
by fighting wars in heaven
and announcing earthshaking events,
but it is Cupid who keeps
the human race going.

And in the experience of most of us,
there's no Antigravitational force that lifts
the human heart as high and as fast as the kind
of love that is intensified by the inclusion
of a powerful sexual component.

Cupid rules because
love validates life,
and if you have no love
your life remains unvalidated.

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