Friday, January 30, 2009

Make More Room on Your Plateau

You gain spiritual power
by understanding and accepting
the tenets of Antigravity,
but gaining spiritual power
entails grave responsibilities,
and you must work harder
than ever before to maintain
your center and help others
to rise to the same plateau,
to enjoy the same new vistas,
that you have yourself reached.

This is the very reason why
religious teachers have always
stressed the importance of
a disciplined approach
to spiritual striving.

These teachers tell us that
feeling a new lightness in your life,
a sense that you've risen
above your habitual problems,
is not enough, for your sense
of transcendence may be more
the result of the inflation of your ego
than your soul's connection to
the great truths of the spirit,
and inflated egos exist mainly
to become deflated egos.

We all know about adolescent-
type personalities who float away
into their own private worlds because
they have little or no regard for others.

But Antigravity is about
the kind of transcendence
that never fails to keep
the interests of
other people
in mind.

To put it in a more graphic way:

If you're floating because
you've got a big head, a big ego,
then you shouldn't be floating.

If you're up, up and away
because your hard work
has raised you high
above the others, then
by all means float on!

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